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Besides offering grants, part of the Rostair Foundation’s mission is to encourage connections between organizations, community resources, families and individuals to create strong, lasting partnerships.

Below is a listing of items that Rostair and its partners are looking to get fulfilled. Can you help create an important and lasting connection? If so, please email your interest to

If you have any questions or would like any further information, please let us know at

NOW HIRING: Program Manager

TINY WPA is looking for a strong designer and experienced fabricator who loves people, especially supporting everyone from kids through seniors in designing and building great things that make a positive difference around issues or in places that are important to them. You must be incredibly comfortable working, leading and following people who are not like you--whether it be age, gender or socioeconomic background. You also must be comfortable being ‘strong and wrong’. While teaching experience is a plus, it is not required and first and foremost you should be good at and find great joy in working with people. Having deep curiosity in how people best learn and create or an entrepreneurial background will also be helpful.

Click on the link below for more details and requirements about the job:


 Sacred Seeds is in the process of constructing their very first Seed Lab. The Seed Lab will be a self-sustainable, energy-efficient greenhouse that will be located in North Philadelphia. Once up and running, it will be a place where the youth and the people of their local community can go and experience hands on learning about urban agriculture and the health benefits of organic produce. During these beginning stages they are looking to connect with partners who share their strong desires of bringing the connection of growing clean, organic food back to the people; especially to the children and people living in the food desert areas which pock our city. Sacred Seeds is specifically looking for:

  • An engineering expert/someone with experience and knowledge on aquaponic and hydroponic systems and farming to consult on validity of our procedures

  • An experienced farmer in growing organic produce who wants to give their time and expertise to improving youth nutritional habits

  • New or gently used gardening tools (anything you can think of - it all helps)

  • Media Professionals (videographer, editor) to track and monitor Sacred Seeds progress of the Seed Lab

  • Children, families, or being pointed in the direction of programs you're aware of in the local area that could benefit from learning about sustainable living, agricultural concepts and nutrition

At this time, the Cops ‘n’ Kids Delaware Valley organization would like to find local partners who…

  • …are interested in getting books into the hands of children to foster meaningful connections and positive relationships among children, police and others who serve our community

  • …have a need for literacy volunteers to read to children

  • …are open to being a collection point for books (ex. having bins set up in their facility where people can donate books)